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On a cold wet November day when you’ve battled the elements to set up a

firework display one could be forgiven for forgetting why we do it and what drives us?

This however we always remember as the final seconds tick away before the start of the display…

Looking at rows of green continuity indicators on the firing panel the excitement builds as you flick the safety switch to ‘arm’ and hit the fire button! The bright flash from the mortar racks as the first triple volley of shells leave their tubes accompanied  by that dull thud-thud-thud that you feel in your chest as the shockwave reverberates, then as the shells break above you know its started - the shows underway and you’re off on your mission to thrill your audience.

If you would like to aspire to firing a display and experience that rush or would  like to get involved with setting up a professional firework display then please contact us for more information.